Securethoughts Executive Briefing UKI Roadshow

This Executive Briefing will provide you with essential information and insight, providing a time-efficient way of gaining the knowledge you need to help you direct and finetune your organisation’s cybersecurity programme for the rest of the year and into 2020.

This Briefing gives you opportunity to hear exclusive information gathered from Secureworks Counter Threat Unit’s™ constant analysis of threat data across its customer base worldwide and also from communication channels, government agencies, attack telemetry, website monitoring, social media, malware samples, investigations and other sources.

We will also focus on incident response, using Secureworks’ analysis of more than 1,000 incident response engagements carried out last year, and extracting what organisations could have done to prepare better for, detect and respond to the threats they face. You will learn the latest in best practices for preparation, containment, eradication, remediation and recovery. Discover why protecting against known threats is no longer enough to secure your organisation.

Key benefits of attending:

  • Discover why protecting against known threats is no longer enough to secure your organisation

  • Learn about the latest threat actor intelligence, distilled into actionable insights to ease implementation

  • Understand why the most effective and achievable cybersecurity protection involves reducing risk to match risk appetite

  • Compare experiences, insights and strategies with Secureworks experts and industry peers



08:30 - Registration and breakfast
09:00 - Welcome and introductions
09:10 - Threat overview
09:55 - What 1000+ Incidents Tell Us About the Threat and Your Security Posture
10:45 - Q&A
11:00 - Adjourn


The event is complimentary, but spaces are restricted to two delegates per company

Seats are limited, so register today to secure your spot.

Please note these events are not open to competitors or press; we reserve the right to decline attendance for any registrations and you will be notified of the same by email


11 July 2019

The Spencer Hotel
Excise Walk
Dublin 1


Date & Location TBA


Date & Location TBA